FBLA Does Its Part To Give Back To The Community


Angela Meza

FBLA meets together, with their sponsor, to discuss future project plans. Their goal is to provide access to goods for those in need.

Shriya Rajagopalan, Editor the Nestline

Students gather around with FBLA sponsor Shanon Jones and discuss their upcoming projects to give food to people who do not have access to local stores. They are very attentive and eager to learn about what to do. FBLA stands for Future Business leaders of America. Kendleton is a town away from Houston that is near the Western border of Fort Bend County. With the nearest store being over 15 miles away for these residents, these people have a scarce amount of fresh produce available to them. Juniors Rochelle D’Souza and treasurer Eesha Agrahar values being in the club and giving back to the community.

“FBLA is important to me because it has provided me with many opportunities to learn and grow as an individual,” said D’ Souza. “Working with these people has given us the opportunity to serve the city of Kendleton, a food desert that does not get easy access to fresh foods.”

D’Souza really enjoys being part of a club that can help people. So far the FBLA club has had two food donation events. In the first one they collected 2,000 pounds of food and donated 300 food kits to families in need. The second one was on March 3 where they donated fruits, vegetables, meat, canned goods and grains to Kendleton to provide food.

“We’re also trying to help them become self-sustainable by helping them grow their community garden and become partners with the Houston Food bank so that they can get food from the bank,” said D’Souza.

Every month, part of the FBLA club comes together to interact with new people. The officers organize business-related games such as practice interview questions and elevator speeches. This helps members bond and get to know each other in the FBLA club. It also involves several competitive events such as the Community Service Project in which they can compete in three categories: area, state and nationals. It allows club members to meet influential people such as Fort Bend Country’s judge, Judge Kp George, and Mayor Humphrey of Kendleton. D’Souza especially loves meeting new people and learning about business skills.

“It is fun to work with other people because we get to help each other improve business skills and grow in that way,” said D’Souza.

Agrahar has been part of the FBLA club for the past three years.  Her club meetings, which happen once a month, allow her to learn more about business. Like D’Souza, she enjoys being given opportunities to be able to compete in different events and do what she do community service projects. She has been part of different projects which have helped her evolve throughout high school and learn the importance of giving back to the community.

“FBLA has been there for me all three years of high school and it helped me learn a lot about myself and business,” said Agrahar

FBLA students provide food to kids until they get to their grocery store which is supposed to come in December. Members of the FBLA club work to address the issue these residents face on a day-to-day basis. You can find out more information about this club from their Instagram page: @foodforkendleton.