New Year’s Rolls Around


Emma Jamison

Kristine Samuel, Junior

Shriya Rajagopalan, Co-Managing Editor the Nest

New Year’s is always an exciting time of year. It symbolizes trying to become a better person. Each individual has their own ideas that they choose to build on next year. Taking the time to look back on accomplishments can represent an end to moments that brought joy into people’s lives. Doing this helps people reflect on what they want to change for the new year. Creating goals helps people to be held accountable for their actions. Junior Michelle Thomas acknowledges the importance of new year’s resolutions.

“My new year’s resolution is to pick up my grades and start studying for my SAT,” said Thomas.

Junior Michelle Thomas thinks it is important to have new years’ resolutions because it is like a new start to improve and work on self care. She wants to start paying more attention in classes. For new years she wants to visit her cousin’s house to celebrate new years’ with her relatives.

“I want to become more active and work out at least once a week in order to get in shape and work on my mental health,” said junior Julia Busby.

Personally, Busby finds it hard to motivate herself to workout. She wants to achieve this by working out on her elliptical or spending time outdoors like jogging.

“I want to be able to balance school work with my free time so I have time for my hobbies and running,” said sophomore Baani Luthra.

Luthra used to run a lot as a hobby because it often helped her destress. She stopped due to her overwhelming workload from school. Luthra also aims to spend her time more wisely by avoiding procrastination and getting her work done early.

“Some of my new year’s resolutions include becoming the best version of myself, making sure I get good grades, and having fun,” said junior Ifra Hafeez.

Hafeez also finds it hard to motivate herself.  She wants to not only focus on getting good grades but also having more fun. Hafeez believes that new year’s resolutions are important to achieve.

“I want to go to the gym more consistently and gain more muscle,” said senior Lucas Pearl.

Pearl wants to gain more muscle and commit to the gym constantly. Pearl acknowledges the hardships that come along with his goal. He wants to be able to go past it. For new years’, Pearl wants to hang out with his buddies.

“My new year’s resolutions this year are to utilize my art skills to their full capacity and beyond,” said junior Tiffany Sellers.

Sellers plans to expand the capability of her art skills and become the best artist she can by trying new techniques to further expand her skills. Some of her short term goals are to participate in various art competitions and create new and unique art pieces each time. Sellers like to think that having resolutions gives people an idea of what they want to do or accomplish in the upcoming year.

“My goal is to prioritize school and start the semester off strong so its possible to succeed in the semester as a whole,” said junior Kristine Samuel.

Samuel plans to start off the semester strong in her grades so that she can improve her grades next semester. Samuel predicts that as the semester goes on, her grades will drop. So, she hopes to keep her grades high at the beginning of term so it compensates for low grades. Samuel also believes in new year’s resolutions because it gives her motivation to accomplish her goals.

“I want to get better at baseball and get grades above an 80,” said freshman Aiden Grasmick.

Grasmick wants to dedicate more time to studying to help improve his grades. He also thinks it is important to have resolutions because it sets a goal and makes people feel better when it is accomplished.