Where to Get Fashionable Clothes For Low-cost


Nicole Ruopp

A teenager excitedly walks into a new boutique in town that people have been raving about. She walks around and sees an array of trendy shirts, skirts, dresses and accessories. After a few minutes her arms are full with articles of clothing. On her way to the dressing room, she decides to look at a price tag, and almost immediately turns around after seeing the large printed number. She puts the clothes back in their respective places and walks out of the door disappointed.

Women’s clothing stores, boutiques in particular, can be especially expensive. The price of one shirt can range from $30 to $60, jeans around $55 and more for dresses and shoes. However, not all hope is lost as there are numerous places that supply stylish clothing at affordable prices. Here is a list of several places where one can be happy with the clothes and the prices.


  1. Shein (us.shein.com)- Shein is a website that sells items from any category including clothing, makeup, home decor, shoes and accessories. Their inventory is very stylish and up on the latest trends. Not only do they sell a wide variety of items, but they are by far the most cost effective. The cost of a top ranges from $3 to around $30. They even have a 15 percent discount for students.
  2. TJ Maxx/Marshalls- As both stores are under the same company, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are places to buy designer brands at lower prices. Some items are more expensive and others are priced very low, but overall all products are cheaper than priced by the original seller.
  3. Pretty Little Thing (prettylittlething.us)- Pretty Little Thing is a website that sells women’s clothing at a wide range of price points. They showcase trendy items such as joggers, graphic hoodies, and two-piece activewear. While they do feature expensive items, much of their inventory is at a low cost. Their price range for clothing is from $3 to $180. A variety of clothing is included to fit all body types. They also feature many products including lots of clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty products.
  4. Brandy Melville- Brandy Melville is not the most cost effective overall, but for a boutique its prices are on the lower side. One can shop from trendy, California inspired outfits including tops, bottoms, dresses, graphic tees, and a variety of accessories. Purchases can be made on their website (brandymelvilleusa.com), or in their Houston store located at 4024 Westheimer Rd.
  5. Cupshe (cupshe.com)- Cupshe is a website that sells women’s swimsuits at low prices. The most unique aspect of the website is that two piece swimsuits are bought together, while at most other retailers the top and bottom are bought separately for two higher prices. A swimsuit at Cupshe ranges around $20 to $35 for both a top and a bottom or for a one piece swimsuit.