Fill the Halls with Song This Valentine’s


Nicole Ruopp

A classroom is filled with many students in desks, deep in small group discussions, when a loud knock causes 31 heads to turn towards the back of the room. When the door swings open, a student dressed in red walks in. The special guest calls up a particular classmate to the front of the room and begins to sing a selected song. Afterwards, the performer exits the room to deliver another serenade. Since Tompkins’ opening, chosen choir students tour the school annually singing recognizable songs to certain people, for the Singing Valentine’s fundraiser.

Singing Valentines are a valued Tompkins tradition where students purchase a live performance, from a list of songs, for someone else. Selected choir members travel around the school performing a certain song to the recipients of the purchased valentines. They will be delivered on Feb. 11 during all class periods. Singing Valentines are sold during all four lunches from Feb. 3 until Feb. 6. They will be $5 and can only be bought with cash. The cost of the Singing Valentine includes the performed song, a card written by the purchaser and a heart pin.

“All proceeds aim to help the choir program; it is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” said choir director Christin Reinartz. “We try to couple fundraising with performance opportunities for our students.” 

The performers are choir students who are required to audition. They are allowed to pair up with one other choir member if preferred. Reinartz states that they choose twenty acts to be singing valentines. These students choose their own songs, however are advised to select ones that correlate with the Valentines theme.

“They are encouraged to choose songs that are for love, friendship or appreciation. We try to have them pick songs that are well-known and would gain interest for those who are purchasing Valentines,” said Reinartz.

Reinartz wants to remind students that they can purchase singing valentines for all at Tompkins, including counselors, coaches, teachers, and other faculty members.

“Singing Valentines are a great way to show some love and appreciation for the people you care about,” said Reinartz.