Spanish Honor Society Drives to Donate

Spanish Honor Society Drives to Donate

Nicole Ruopp

Students sat on a classroom floor and counted piles upon piles of cans. The metal containers held different non-perishable foods that students, teachers and administrators brought in to donate. Spanish Honor Society put on their second food-drive from Nov. 4 through Nov. 8 as they hoped to break their donation number from last year. Spanish teacher Amne Kreiler wanted the food collection drive to help the community.

There were several boxes for collecting items placed at different locations throughout the school, including both cafeterias and several classrooms. The items dropped into the bins throughout the week were donated to the Katy Christian Ministry Food Pantry.

“It is one of the reasons SHS was established, to help the Katy community, and we want to benefit families in need during the holidays,” said Kreiler.

The organization collected 370 pounds, breaking their record of 360 pounds last year. Members of Spanish Honor Society were responsible for seeing the drive through by filling different roles. Some jobs involved advertising and promoting the fundraiser. Other tasks included transporting the donations from the boxes throughout the school and dropping them at a central point. After the food is together, some members were responsible for sorting the items by category, verifying the expiration dates, and loading the items into vehicles to deliver.

“Non-perishable foods like: canned fruit in juice, canned vegetables, canned tuna, canned chicken, unsweetened apple sauce, peanut butter, and low-sodium soups [are acceptable],” said Kreiler.

Kreiler wants people to know that even donating one or two items can mean a lot to people in need. If numerous people donate a few items, they will add up to a lot of food.

“When many people donate a few items, the total amount of donations make a huge difference in the lives of families in our community,” said Kreiler.