Craft Photos in the Camera Association


Ella Hummeldorf

A group of 20 or so people meet after school, bringing their cameras and scrapbooks of photographs. Club creator, senior Huy Hathuc, calls for everyone’s attention. Today the group will be showcasing their work to one another to prepare for the UIL Festival in the spring. Club officers, junior Steven Zeng and senior Jared Escobar help round everyone up so the group can share their pieces with the others in the club.

“(The Camera Association); is a club that teaches photography and you can showcase your stuff,” said Hathuc.

The club started on Sept 26, and with its rising number of members, it is expected to compete well at the UIL Festival in the spring.

For the first six weeks, the club will teach members about the art of photography and help expand their horizons about all that is involved in photography. The second six weeks the club will focus on film and teach the members how to properly get the best angles and the basics of filming.

The third six weeks the club will compete in the UIL Festival of photography. The state finals for the UIL Festival is scheduled to be on Feb. 26, 2020. For the festival, students must enter three entries for each of the four topics, narrative, documentary, computer animation, and traditional animation.

“At the UIL competition we just want to win an award,” said Hathuc, “We started this club because we felt like there wasn’t a club that represented photographers at Tompkins.”

If you are interested in joining the photography club, you can talk to Hathuc or David Sieloff in room 1028. The club meets on Thursdays after school from 2:35-3:45 pm.