Climate Change Persists Throughout the World


Tyler Olmo

Throughout the world, climate change continues to worsen, and every year, the effects become more and more evident as conditions become more drastic. Hurricane seasons continue to worsen as climate change allows for more available heat energy that leads to stronger, more frequent storms. As time drags on and there is little done in terms of serious policy-change in regards to the environment, one must become comfortable with the idea that the damage the human race has perpetrated becomes a matter of tempering its effects, not reversing.

“The climate fluctuates, naturally, but the rate of that fluctuation is increasing more rapidly. According to NASA, the global average temperature has increased 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. While that does not seem like much, it really is if one considers that Earth’s surface is covered by a tremendous amount of water. It takes an enormous amount of heat energy raise the temperature of all that water even by one degree, so although the temperature change seems minimal, the amount of extra heat energy stored by surface waters is quite large,” said Earth and Space Sciences teacher Megan Messman.

The rising temperatures around the world affect more than just the world’s oceans. Rising temperatures will continually cause the Earth’s poles to melt, releasing more water. The ice sheets in Greenland were reported as melting faster than the past 350 years, as reported by National Geographic. The melting of the ice sheets is taking place at a faster rate than rising temperatures as well. As air temperatures rise, the ice sheets become more susceptible to the heat, meaning they are at a greater risk of melting. The result of this is obviously rising sea levels which, although incremental, could prove disastrous for coastal cities. As climate change continues, storms can be expected to continue to worsen as more thermal energy is made available for prolonged destruction.

“It is understandable why people doubt the validity of climate data because so many for-profit companies or politicians may have a hand in the collection and distribution. However, there are many unbiased sources that will give a truer picture of what’s really going on with our planet. Do your research, find the unbiased sources, and read the data before drawing any conclusions. Let the facts form your opinion. Regardless of what you ultimately decide, there is nothing wrong with living a greener lifestyle,” said Messman.

It is important for one to do their own research and inform themselves on the possible effects of climate change. Many hear the term and assume it may simply mean marginal changes in one’s daily life, but the climate has a wide range of effects that may not come to mind at first glance. For these reasons, it is essential that one takes initiative in discovering what is at stake.

“Calculating your carbon footprint is the one of the best measures of an individual’s contribution to the increase of greenhouse gases and ultimately climate change. Entering in details about your lifestyle and daily activities into an online calculator, such as the one located here, will give specific ways individuals may change to decrease their contributions,” said Messman.