Vase Competition Results


130 of Tompkins talented artists recently competed in the regional Visual Arts Scholastic Event with 114 of those students medaling with their artwork. Additionally, the following  students went on to earn a qualifying spot at the State Competition to be held in San Marcos this April.

Chae, Seah- Mother’s Warmth 2D

Li, Coral- Roots 2D

Li, Coral- Starstruck 2D

Lu, Melody- To Dust We Shall Return 2D

Sanoja, Ricardo- Headache 2D

Tao, Olivia- Contemplation Of Life 2D

Xu, Stephanie- Absent Minded 2D

Zhu, Hanjing- He’s Still Waiting 2D

Cherian, Jeremy -“monochromatic Madness” 2D

Hugonnett, Ashley- “angel Eyes” 2D

Gonzalez, Natalia- Evolution 3D

Harville, Carly- Echeveria Elegans  3D

Harville, Carly- Multiorb 3D

Hill, Jenna- The World Is In Your Hands 3D

Mizyed, Noor- Vision Of The Mind 3D

Windham, Sarah- Ships Ahoy 3D