Contemporary German Band Debuts


Ella Hummeldorf

Synth player, sophomore Alexandra Gioukaris, warms up by doing scales on her keyboard. Bassist, junior Aiden Zigman, tunes his bass while the main guitarist and vocalist, junior Cameron Burke, sets up their amp and starts to organize his music. Once everyone in the band warms up, Gioukaris counts off the tempo so the band can start a full run through of their song.

As the band does a full run-through, each person keeps track of their own mistakes along with the mistakes their partners make. Afterward, all three understand their mistakes and practice them on their own for a few minutes. Then the band does another full run through or they practice a line or chunk of the song that needs a lot of work. They then repeat the process.

“I am a little nervous, but I think that we are going to be fine at the competition,” said Zigman.

The German band has never been to any state competitions before. While the band only has three members, it probable to go for the first time this year. Zigman just joined the band in January, so he is very new and not very experienced with his bandmates. The band has a competition on Feb. 2, which will decide of they will be going to state or not.

“I don’t really care where we place as long as we have fun doing it,” said Burke.
The song that they are performing is called “Reise Reise” by Rammstein. There are going to be about ten bands competing to go to state, while four actually make the competition. Some bands practice all year around for this competition, while they have been since late November.

“We are all very musical, we all know how music works, and I think because of that we will go to state,” said Gioukaris.