Students Receive Scholastic Art Awards


Tyler Olmo

The Art Department is proud to share results from this year’s Scholastic Art Contest. Several of our advanced students in Painting, Drawing, 3D and AP Studio classes competed and won awards this year. We are all so proud of their dedication and accomplishments. If you know or have any of these talented students please be sure to tell them congrats!

Gold Key Winners:
Saeh Chae – Childhood Notalgia 11th (AP Studio)
Isabella Concepcion – She’s Come Undone 11th (AP Studio)
Madelyn Huynh – Peek-A-Boo 11th (AP Studio)
Melody Lu – The Mask We Wear 11th (AP Studio)
Kendra Nguyen – You Wouldn’t Dare 11th (AP Studio)
Luana Do Sacramento – Ritual 12th (AP Studio)
Luana Do Sacramento – Sign of Autumn 12th (AP Studio)
Carly Harville – MultiOrb 10th (3D)

Silver Key Winners:
Lauren Gray – Inner Thoughts 11th (AP Studio)
Tianni Han – Reflections 11th (AP Studio)
Melody Lu – Vertigo 11th (AP Studio)
Swarli Panse – Café Tinto 11th (AP Studio)
Swarli Panse – Epiphany 11th (AP Studio)
Victoria Ramos – Birefringence 12th (AP Studio)
Stephanie Xu – Unfinished 11th (AP Studio)
Stephanie Xu – Childhood Memories 11th (AP Studio)
Amber Arnold – The Unseen 12th (Painting)
Elena Benavides – The Colors of Stress 9th (Painting)
Aine Edlin – Obscure 12th (Painting)
Christine Goh – Bitter 9th (Painting)
Mariana Guevara – Just Me Being Me 9th (Painting)
Isabella Ortigoza – Equilibrium 12th (Painting)
Olivia Tao – Thrill 11th (Painting)
Khushi Varshney – Girl Near Light 11th (Painting)
Noor Mizyed – Vision of the Soul 11th (3D)
Emma Renner – Hybridization 11th (3D)