Once Upon This Theatre


Tyler Olmo

Tompkins Theatre Company rustles about the stage as they prepare for one of their numerous rehearsals which precede the night that they spend months preparing for. Sets are built, mistakes are made, and actors learn their lines in excitement at the prospect of putting on another wondrous performance for those who wish to attend. Tunes and dances which bring about the freshness of the Caribbean islands linger around the sets as the Theatre Company attempts to bring the magic of the Caribbean to the stage.

“It has been different than any of the other shows we have done. There is certainly a different energy and flow to this show than ones we have done in the past, and I, for one, am excited to see what the finished product looks like,” said cast member and senior Rodrigo Colunga.

The setting of Once On This Island certainly differs from that of other musicals that the Theatre Company has done before. Many members of the cast believe it may bring a refreshing exuberance to their performances that they have not been able to capture before. The excitement and brightness surrounding a story centered on such a beautiful part of the world undeniably has the ability to strike awe in audiences.

“As a member of the crew, we are certainly excited for the new possibilities we have in terms of working with a different setting than we typically see. It certainly allows for some creative expression that has not been tapped in to before, and we are excited to see what we can come up with for everyone who comes out to see it,” said Lights Crew member and senior Samantha Hennig.

The differing culture of the Caribbean also allows members of the Theatre Company to experience musical pieces that have never been a part of past shows before. The opportunity that students have to put on a show that brings those new and different ideas to audience members comes with great excitement and hope for a truly memorable performance.

“I would definitely recommend anyone interested in a colorful, lively show to come see Once On This Island. It is sure to be a spectacle for everyone to enjoy and take part in,” said Colunga.