The Psychology of London: Discovering the Mysteries of the City


Rachel DeGroot

Tugging along heavy suitcases packed full of necessities for the next eight days, a group of six students and Psychology teacher Amanda Sandlin buzz with excitement as they file to their gate at the airport. Coordinating with EF Educational Tours, Sandlin was able to bring to fruition a content specific tour to study phycology in London, a special opportunity for those wanting to immerse themselves in a subject that they love.


“My motivations for the trip were to make psychology come alive by seeing some of the historical and current impacts on the field, while getting to gain a global mindset and build new experiences in travel,” said Sandlin.


Sandlin ensured that every moment counted by packing their days with both psychology related attractions and recognizable tourist sites. Among the psychology related activities, the group took a walking tour that traced the mental institutions of London, underwent hypnosis to treat arachnophobia and met with a psychology practitioner. Sandlin and her students also enjoyed sites such as the London Eye, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and much more.


I knew the trip was going to be amazing. I feel like I learned even more about psychology and it really reignited my passion for continuing my professional growth,” said Sandlin.


In addition to sightseeing, the group was able to interact with the physiological elements of London through an in depth participation in various activities. One such activity was being able to participate in a mock trial at the Royal Courts of Justice, where the students role played with wigs and other mock props. They were also able to go on a guided tour of noted psychologist Sigmund Freud’s home, to gain further insight into his life. These close encounters allowed students to connect what they learned in class to what was directly in front of them, an experience that enriched their knowledge of the subject.   


“I loved getting to share travel with students and watch it change their perspectives and attitudes. I saw all of my girls really grow in terms of independence and confidence, as well a psychological knowledge,” said Sandlin.


This journey left all of those who participated in awe of London and its psychology. The group was captivated by the information learned from their activities as well as their tour guide, and this trip has only fueled a desire to plan more psychology related trips in the future.


“There are so many memories that it is hard to pin down just one. I really want to organize more trips like this in the future,” said Sandlin.