Journalism Takes on the Big Apple


Sam Hennig

Over spring break, journalism students from all over the country gathered at Columbia University of New York City to attend a variety of panels and sessions about journalism. Of these students, three students from Tompkins High School along with their journalism teacher, Shetye Cypher, got the opportunity to learn about journalism as a profession and further their education in the field.

“I enjoyed being able to take a trip to New York City to not only learn about journalism in a different way but also to have memories with friends in our journeys around New York City together. It was a unique experience,” said senior Daniela Guevara.

The trip lasted five days, three of which students junior Sofia Sanchez  and senior Celine Low along with Guevara spent at the conference while they spent the other two days exploring the city. Accompanying them at the conference were journalism students at Seven Lakes High School. The conference provided not only an educational experience, but also an opportunity to travel to a new place and learn new things outside of the classroom.

“My personal favorite was the panel about women in media. It was great to hear from working women in various parts of media about different aspects of the career we are not always aware of as women,” said Low.

Low got the opportunity to learn more about specific duties in the media industry from women who had been working in that career for many years. The panel opened students’ minds to the obstacles that women have in the workplace along with the importance of women in media positions. Along with the women in media panel, the students also got to hear from an editor from “Rolling Stone” magazine, giving students a glimpse into the exciting career that journalism entails.