Boys’ Varsity Basketball Continues on to Regional Finals

Samantha Hennig

The varsity basketball game against Fort Bend on Feb. 26, was filled with students, all excited with an energy like no other as this was the furthest the team had ever made it in school history. The game was constantly back and forth and went all the way down to the last second being the deciding factor in the fate of Tompkins. With a foul on senior Eden Holt, he got the opportunity to take three free throw shots.


“Walking up to the free throw line I really only thought one thing: I wanted to win. There were not many other thoughts going on except I knew this was our shot to win,” said Holt.


The hard work and preservation by the team was portrayed in their game. The team was not looking their best throughout the entire game, and it was not the best the team could do. The team held their composure though and was able to make huge plays both defensively and offensively in the tail end of the game that allowed them to win, despite their struggles throughout.


“Fans can expect a great game. We will work together, with passion and with effort in order to achieve the winning mindset that we need to win,” said Holt.


The next game will take place at the Berry Center at 6 p.m. this Friday against Deer Park. The game will be filled with excitement and energy brought forth by both teams and their respective fans.