Tompkins Debate Team Brings Home First Place Sweepstakes Win



The Debate Team completed at Elkins High School this past weekend with tremendous success. The team took First Place Sweepstakes with the help of the following students who placed in their divisions.


Congressional Debate
First Place – Ping Toong
Third Place – Siddhant Puranik
Sixth Place – Nishant Devaraj
Novice Public Forum Debate
First Place – Sheera Wang & Anagha Tirumalai
Debate Speaking Awards:
First Place – Sheera Wang
Second Place – Anagha Tirumalai
Third Place – Medha Tirumalai
Domestic Extemp Speaking:
Second Place – Byron Xu
Fourth Place – Nishant Devaraj
Fifth Place – AbdelMajied Al-Ali
Sixth Place – Saanika Halapeti
Foreign Extemp Speaking:
First Place – Siddhant Puranik
Second Place – Medha Tirumalai
Third Place – Ping Toong
Fourth Place – Chumeng Wang
Novice Extemp Speaking:
First Place – Kylan Chen
Second Place – Sheera Wang
Third Place – Alexandra Giouskaris
Fifth Place – Anagha Tirumalai
Original Oratory:
Second Place – Elysia Wu
Third Place – Byron Xu
Fourth Place – Saanika Halapeti
Fifth Place – Sakshee Jain
Informative Speaking:
First Place – Ping Toong
Second Place – Siddhant Puranik
Third Place – Nicholas Khami
Impromptu Speaking:
First Place – Ping Toong
Second Place – Siddhant Puranik
Fourht Place – Elysia Wu
Humorous Interpretation
First Place – Saanika Halapeti