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Teachers Change to Teach

Every New Year school year starts off fresh. This is especially true for teachers. No matter how much experience they have, there is always something to learn.

“This is my second year teaching. I’ve changed the way I teach. I started thinking the way my teachers did it. It was all notes and that was it,” said Forensics teacher Stephanie Chronister.

Chronister’s class is always new and exciting for her students. Instead of just doing notes she tries to focus on getting her students to be hands on.

“I started teaching the way I was taught. All I did was dry lectures instead of activities and it was horrible. If they pay attention they won’t realize they are learning. I want them to have fun and learn things they will use in the real life,” said Chronister.

Chronister isn’t the only one switching up the way she teaches. Even though she has only been teaching for a small amount of time, but she can change her teaching style as much as any other teacher. One of these teachers is Shanna Hodges.

“I have been teaching for six years now. I took some time off to raise my kids as well. When I first started teaching to now, I’ve had to implement technology. We’ve had to implement the curriculum to make things more accessible,” said Hodges.

Hodges teaches English which can sometimes be considered as a tougher subject to get kids involved with.

“I can see why kids are hesitant. They think reading is boring and I have to share my passion with them. I want them to know that literature is about real life. They can relate to these people more and more while making connections with them,” said Hodges.

No matter how many years of teaching, a teacher learns the same way a student does. Over time they will gain the knowledge and use it to help others. The minds of students are being changed every day by a teaching system that fits to them. Without teachers adapting to new students, it would be impossible for students to truly learn.

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