Christian Clarke


Yazmin Luna

“I was always interested in drawing and everything, and even in college I took some art classes but above all, science was the thing that interested me the most. Graphic Design was more of a hobby and chemistry was my true passion. A teacher I used to know started expanding my knowledge in cartoon drawing. He got a job in California at Marvel to do professional drawing and he called me one day and told me there was an opening in his program and asked if I was interested in the position, but I never really could get into the hobby more than that. I teach my kids to draw, and it’s adorable what little kids draw. I also really enjoy going into the art classes and enjoy seeing what they are doing, since some of them are really talented. I don’t regret not taking the job because teaching is what I truly enjoy and seeing the kids smile makes me happy. Chemistry is what I originally studied and I’m glad I did”