Learning Continues at Katy Virtual School


Rachel DeGroot

While summer can often be thought of as a time to relax and hang out with friends, it is also a time to prepare for the upcoming school year. During the summer, students have the opportunity to further their education by taking courses through the Katy Virtual School (KVS), an online program operated through Canvas. Susan Richards, a staff member for Katy ISD’s Instructional Technology Department, works closely with KVS programs and feels that the system offers students a unique ability to enrich their learning.


“KVS offers choice and flexibility to students interested in online learning.The course list contains AP and academic level courses to appeal to a broad range of students. KVS offers courses that are not taught at all high schools due to low enrollment (AP Art History, PreAP Multivariable Calculus, AP European History),” said Richards.


With a wide variety of courses available, KVS gives students the opportunity to earn high school credit for every class taken in the summer including mandatory electives that all students must have credit for to graduate. KVS has also expanded their list of available courses for the summer 2017 sessions to include AP Human Geography, English III and IV, Personal Financial Literacy, World History, World Geography, MMA and Foundations of Fitness. These classes are taught by Katy ISD teachers and allow students to move at a more relaxed pace.


“KVS courses are available 24/7 and offer student flexibility to travel, work, attend campus, volunteer and care for younger siblings while completing a KVS course. Courses are composed of modules with weekly deadlines. Students can determine when they work on assignments as long as the assignments are submitted by the weekly submission date,” said Richards.


Just as with any other class taken during the school year, there are major, minor and other grades as well as a final, and one must be on top of his/her work to meet all of the deadlines set by the teacher on Canvas. Dedication and commitment are key to success in each class, for the workload is similar to what a student would experience during the school year. Although taking time out of one’s summer schedule to accomplish school work may not always seem beneficial, students are able to earn credit for a course that they in turn do not have make room for in their schedule during the year and more.


“Students are able to better plan their course sequence that they desire for graduation.  By taking courses during the summer, students open up the opportunities for Fall and Spring course selection. Students experience an online learning environment much like they will have post-graduation endeavors such as college and career,” said Richards.


Course enrollment is accessible through the Katy ISD website and is available now. For students interested in pursuing courses that they are passionate about or who are seeking a manageable way to earn more credits, the learning does not have to stop on June 1.