Racing Towards Perfection at the Bubba Fife Meet


Payton Chaisson

On Saturday, March 4, Tompkins hosted the annual Bubba Fife track meet, where great things occurred. The Falcon girls’ 4×1, 4×2 and 4×4 teams got first place. In boys’ track and field the school high jump record was broken by junior Mason Corbin. It was Corbin’s first ever meet and he finished first place along with being ranked third in the state and top ten in the country.
“Going into my first meet, I was pretty nervous and optimistic. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as far as competition between the other schools but I was anxious to get going and compete,” said Corbin.
Having early success can be shocking, but can really boost confidence. Corbin has been in track for a total of two weeks before competing at the meet and was offered a spot on varsity his day of practice.
“I am actually very surprised with the success I had because my goal was around 6’2”-6’4 to clear. I wasn’t expecting to be able to clear 6’7”,” said Corbin.
With his first meet under his belt, Corbin is ready to work hard to keep being successful. Corbin being only a few inches behind first place in state, has the motivation to keep getting better and be victorious down the road and make something of it.
“I definitely believe I can have success down the road. I am ranked for third place in the entire state of Texas, only being behind first place at around two inches or so, I think I have room for improvement. I believe with a lot of practice and hard work I can be pretty great,” said Corbin.
Junior Reece Lartigue runs the boys’ 4×100 meter relay, 4×200 meter relay and sprint medley relay. Two of Lartigue’s relays were disqualified and he was not able to place. He was able to come away with a 5th place finish in the sprint medley relay(SMR). His SMR finish was able to give the school points at the meet.
“I saw great things happen at the Bubba Fife meet on Saturday, the girls were killing it with a first place finish on the 4×1, 4×2 and 4×4 relays. Sadly we got disqualified on the two relay events. I got fifth place on the sprint medley relay. We are going to work hard and do our best to come out on top next meet,” said Lartigue.

Sophomore Kailei Collins participated in the long jump event. She was named Athlete of the Meet at the Bubba Fife Meet. PHOTO BY SOPHIE KENNEY