German Students at Texas State German Contest, Place in Top 5



The German students placed 5th out of 64 schools. They were also the strongest school from KatyISD. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

Please congratulate the German students to a great showing at the Texas State German Contest at Texas State University last Saturday. Tompkins placed an excellent 5th in the large school category out of 64 registered schools. We were again the strongest school from Katy ISD. Following students placed in the top 5:

Extemporaneous 3 2 Jelena Salvador Tompkins HS
Poetry Memory 2 2 Aditi Prabhu Tompkins HS
Prose Memory Adv. 2 Louisa Pearl Tompkins HS
Digital Logo Design 3 Charlie Rissky Tompkins HS
Duet Acting 1 3 Lauren Collins & Daniel Fowkes Tompkins HS
Duet Acting 3 3 Sarah Rodgers, Cole Thomson Tompkins HS
Grammar 2 4 Aditi Prabhu Tompkins HS
Original Models 4 Kyle Barkley Tompkins HS
Photography 4 Anika Drinovsky Tompkins HS
Poetry Memory 3 4 Jack Sadler Tompkins HS
Poetry Reading 4 4 Katy Reid Tompkins HS
Sight Reading 1 4 Jose Hernandez Tompkins HS
Duet Acting 4 5 Evan Ferguson &Hans Lammiman Tompkins HS
Prose Memory 1 5 Alexander Schmidt Tompkins HS
Reading Comp. 3 5 Cole Thompson Tompkins HS
Sight Reading 2 5 Jerzy Nowakowski Tompkins HS
Skit 1 5 Tompkins HS Tompkins HS