Recognizing the Great Athletes of Katy ISD


Rachel DeGroot

Fierce concentration and undeniable determination grip the faces of every hardworking high school athlete as they put in effort to perform at their best both in practices and games. The passion that each student has for the sport that they love translates into their actions, and for some, that passion continues on into college. In order to recognize the accomplishments of athletes, Katy ISD has announced its plans to dedicate the second floor of the Field House of the new football stadium as a Hall of Fame for former athletes, stellar teams, supportive coaches and special merit individuals from the Katy school district. Co-captain of the JVB soccer team, junior Beth Pacious, understands that it is important for athletes to be recognized for their accomplishments, just as the Hall of Fame is meant to do.


“If athletes know that they are going to get recognized for all that they do, they will work hard for it because they know that there will be benefits for what they do. If they don’t get recognized for their accomplishments, then it might discourage them and cause them to slack off,” said Pacious.


Athletes put a lot of work into their respective sport and commit throughout the school year to reach various personal goals they have set as well as win games as an individual competitor or a team, so recognition for their success is always welcomed. The Hall of Fame is set to serve as not only a place for students to be recognized, but also for coaches to be recognized. Coaches have a major influence over the success of the their student athletes. Junior Claire Bai, who is a member of the Tompkins tennis team, feels that her coach has helped her to succeed in tennis.


“My coach always pushes us to work harder and develop a stronger work ethic, and as a result we play better,” said Bai.


The Katy school district has many dedicated athletes as well as influential coaches, so the Board of Director and committee of community members are already accepting nominations for a spot in the hall, and will continue accepting nominations through March 15. The board has already selected the 1959 and 1997 football state championships from Katy High School as well as the 1997 and 1998 tennis state championships for Taylor High School to be dedicated in the inaugural ceremony of the Hall of Fame.


“The purpose of the Katy ISD Athletic Hall of Honor is to honor inductees and individuals who contribute to athletics in Katy ISD, to recognize selected sports teams who excelled in their particular athletic fields for Katy ISD and to stimulate continued interest in sports participation and activities in Katy ISD,” said Athletic Department Secretary Debbie Decker.


High school athletes create memories that will last a lifetime, and the recognition of those athletes in the new Hall of Fame only adds to the pride that one feels when putting their heart and soul into their sport.
“As for future goals, the committee hopes to recognize as many athletes and teams as possible each year,” said Decker.