Artists Compete in Scholastic Competition, Winners Moving On To Nationals

Sandra Sadek

Several students recently competed in the Scholastic Art Competition. Student artists won multiple awards in a multitude of categories such as drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics.

Those ranked as Gold Key Winners will advance to the next round of competition for a chance to place at Nationals.

Gold Key Winners

Andrea Arrangoiz (Drawing)

Alexa Baeza  (Drawing Portfolio)

Claire Bai  (Drawing)

Rachel Bai  (Drawing Portfolio)

Lucy Chen  (Painting)

Bella Concepcion  (Drawing)

Audrey Liu  (Drawing)

Christina Zhou (2 Gold Keys) (Drawing/Drawing)

Veronica Hernandez (Ceramics)

Brittany Taylor (Sculpture)


Silver Key Winners

Alexa Baeza (Painting)

Rachel Bai (Drawing)

Madelyn Huynh (Drawing)

Jaerin Jeong (Drawing)

Renee Josse de Lisle (Drawing)

Cynthia Kayo (Painting)

Audrey Liu (Drawing)

Audrey Liu (Portfolio)

Shaylee Madriz (Drawing)

Isabella Ortigoza (Painting)

Lydia Snyder (Mixed Media)

Ashleigh Wendrock (Drawing)


Honorable Mention

Mathilde Andry (painting)

Alexa Baeza (drawing)

Lucy Chen (Painting)

Lucy Chen (Portfolio)

Brandon Day (Painting)

Luana do Sacramento (Drawing)

Jordan Duda (Drawing)

Maddie Fossitt (Drawing)

Abinavraj Ganesh Sudha (Drawing)

Michelle Gomez (Drawing)

Renee Josse de Lisle (Drawing)

Kendra Nguyen (Painting)

Brooke Shalkowski (Ceramics)

Amber Walker (ceramics)

Thomas Walker (painting)

Amber Wilcox (ceramics)