Game Played Against Mayde Creek


Aidan Bolling

Jan. 24 the varsity boys basketball team played against Mayde Creek. Undefeated this semester and 7-1 this year, they have a chance of going to the playoffs. They made point after point in this match up. Winning the game 60-43, once again victorious.

Photo by Aidan Bolling

“We all still have a focus, that no matter what, we play our best. But winning games definitely gives us more confidence,” said junior Nester Daboin.

While the team won, the starting point guard junior Jamal Bieniemy had been suspended for the game. A fight had occurred in an earlier game, causing the players involved to each be suspended from at least one game. As the main player of the team, and the best, his being suspended affected the team’s performance, even if just a little.

Photo by Aidan Bolling

“When you don’t have a player like that, it affects you. But I don’t think it changed the mindset of the team, it just would’ve been nice to have him out there on the court being a leader,” said Daboin.

Stepping into the position of point guard is junior Emmanuel White who, normally plays as a forward. White played and led the team marvelously, making a basket almost every time the team got the ball.

“The transition wasn’t hard, but it was definitely new to me, because I usually don’t play in the game,” said White.

His performance was at its peak, even dunking at one point in the game. Playing aggressively yet with good sportsmanship, the varsity team made set the bar for future games, especially White. He made 15 points on his own.

Photo by Aidan Bolling

“When we go out and play as a team, we always go with the same mindset. To just get the win, we look to embarrass anyone, we just want to win. Same as anyone else,” said White.