Apps to Save Your Exam Week


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At the dusk of every semester, students are faced with a week of rigorous testing over subject material that can spans over nearly four months. With so much information to tackle, finding effective and productive ways to study can often be challenging. However, with the internet at our disposal, a slew of apps and programs can greatly reduce some of the tedious chores of studying for those dreadful exams.

Timetable: Timetable is a digital planner that allows students to fully plan out their weeks to the minute by working with the app. Students can color code subjects, set up reminds and get notifications for their schedule. Timetable can allow students to better manage their time during exam week, especially on days that require studying for multiple exams. All around, Timetable is a useful app during exam week and year-round for students who struggle managing their time or keeping track of their various classes.

Quizlet: A familiar entry on our list, Quizlet is an app/website that allows students to create great study tools to help them review. Students can type in the information they wish to review and create tests, flashcards, memory games and more. Not only does Quizlet allow students to make their own sets of flashcards, but it also allows them to share their note cards with anyone using the program, depending on the settings. Quizlet comes in handy especially during exam week because of its quick, easy display that allows students to interact with their information in effective, helpful study methods.

Wolfram Alpha: While Wolfram Alpha isn’t necessarily an app specifically made for studying, it still is a great tool for students. For students faced with the challenges of exams in subjects like any science or math, Wolfram Alpha bolsters a database filled with useful equations and completed solutions with step-by-step instructions on how to solve. Not only does Wolfram Alpha assist with mathematics and science, Wolfram Alpha’s database includes information pertaining to weather, geography, people & history, culture, music, music, sports and games as well. Wolfram Alpha is an app that is essential to any student’s success and is an effective tool during exam week and throughout the week.

There are a plethora of apps that can be useful to students that can be found anywhere on the App Store or online. These apps can highlight the usefulness of technology in schools and can relieve great amounts of pressure put on students in the current day and age. However, it is important for students to recognize that these tools are at their disposal, and it is their duty to find which methods benefit them best.