Sporting Intelligence


Yazmin Luna

Some people see science as a required course and as a way to pass high school. But for some, science is a sport worth competing over. For seniors Cara Williams, Matthew Vargas, Brett Dolotina, Alvin Hidajat and Lucy Chen science is a way of living. All members have participated in Science Olympiad since the beginning of high school, they all have a deep passion for learning and competing

“Science Olympiads is very broad, so each person can explore different topics in science. Even it seems very individual based, we come together as a team to compete and base ourselves against other schools,” Chen said.

Science Olympiad is a competition involving 15 people per group that competes every year, letting students participate in various competitions involving different science tasks. Some teams have to build technology, while others have to research different science areas.

“Every team competes with different subjects including Anatomy, Astronomy, Diseases, etc,” said Vargas.

The season will start in March, but the team of students have begun to participate in pre- tournaments. The first pre- competition was in October, and continues every other week. The last one was set in Rice University. The pre competitions train the members for the competitions in the spring. The sponsor, Jason Crump, chooses the members by starting them with an exam. This year 75 people tried out for the team, and based on an application and an entrance exam score, the officers decided on a team of about 55 people.

“The school is competing against other teams, meaning you have to work hard as a team and really embrace everyone in the group. The award ceremony has a lot of school spirit and it makes the whole thing enjoyable,” said Chen.