Walking for New Knowledge


Yazmin Luna

At third period on Nov. 10, English Instructional Coach Yolanda Clark, social studies Instructional Coach Valerie Davenport and English 3 teacher Amanda Lee took time out of their schedules to walk around campus and watch other teachers with their students, while also interacting with the students themselves.

Teacher Learning Walks is an opportunity for teachers just to get out into into teachers’ classrooms and learn great ideas, whether that’s for classroom management, technology or teaching strategies. Tompkins staff and teachers go around school two times a semester during their conference periods to explore new ways to improve their work, and later discuss what they enjoyed about the experience.

“We researched or heard about this walks through leadership meetings as well as investigating online,” said Clark.

The teachers go into the classrooms and look at the lessons the classroom is going over that day for about 5 to 7 minutes, and stay there to observe the teaching methods the teacher is utilizing that day. On average, each group goes to three classes every time, visiting various subjects.

“Teaching Learning walks is open to the entire school. Last time we did one it was less busy in the school so we had principals, counselor and parents. Anybody in the school can participate,” said Clark.

This event is very popular all around the United States, and has been a very effective method to improve teachers’ performances, not only with their lectures but their student interaction. This event was created by instructional coaches as well as Tompkins staff who thought it would be encouraging to the staff of Tompkins to have a better experience on campus.