Born and Raised Texans


Tyler Olmo

Cowboy boots, rodeos, blue bonnets and trucks all become synonymous to an average Texan upbringing. Kids become familiar with the thick smoke of barbeque on an open grill, tailgates with the vigor of eager football fans anxiously awaiting the first snap, or the lively scenes of rodeos displaying local art, animals and culture if they grow up in Texas. Skies that stretch as far as the eye can see and wondrous pallets of paint splashed on to a dusk sky are sights that become routine for the children of the Lone Star State. With such a rich culture, the products of these families are left with undeniable characteristics that can only be seen as direct influences of the state of Texas.

“I love BBQ’s and going on small road trips with my family across Texas! It’s such a large state and it has so many back roads with fun places to go and visit. Also, Southern hospitality, when you’re in you’re in Texas there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet,” said sophomore Noelle Chesser.

Children who have been born and raised in Texas echo the idea that there is no place with such a genuine, hospitable community. By sharing such a vastly different and unique culture, kids in Texas realize the sense of camaraderie they have developed by taking part in events such as rodeos, tailgates, and other events so often closely associated with Texas upbringings. Through this, a sense of hospitality is born.

“Being able to live in Texas my whole life has provided me with hundreds of memories of the place I like to call home. When I am older I will remember back to be able to come back to the place where I experienced those cherished memories and also come back to a where I will always know the friendly people and where everything is located,” said freshman Blake Bishop.

One thing that truly separates Texas are its school systems. Kids are seen growing up and creating bonds with other children throughout the many years of primary schools. In particular, high school football is a place like no other in Texas. Friday nights on the gridiron are hallmarks of any true born and raised Texan as they bring together entire schools to watch a simple game for a few hours. While this sounds so simple, and in some cases uneventful, children of Texas use these experiences as places where they forge bonds and memories that they’ll keep for the rest of their lives.

“I definitely believe that I’ll always consider myself a Texan no matter where I end up. I’ll keep saying ‘y’all’ the same way I have since I was a little girl until I’m an old grandmother. Growing up here has left such a tremendous impact on me, that I hope my future children get to experience all the values and lessons I learned here. I believe living here has not only made me a better person, but someone who I can look in the mirror and be proud of every day,” said Chesser.