Time-Saving Halloween DIYs


Rachel DeGroot

With each passing day, the highly anticipated holiday of Halloween creeps closer and closer. Bright orange lights, pumpkin decorations, skeletons and tombstones line the streets of neighborhoods as everyone embraces the spooky holiday spirit and prepares for a busy night of trick-or-treating. With Halloween drawing near, the time to choose a costume is coming to a close, but do not fret, for the following costume ideas are easy, time-saving ways to dress up for the occasion.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

This DIY costume is great for couples looking for an easy, yet instantly recognizable duo as well as for individuals seeking a fun, light hearted costume that is easy to create with materials they already have.

Mickey Mouse:

One Black T-Shirt

Yellow or Black Shoes

White Felt or Construction Paper

One Black Headband

Black Felt or Construction Paper


Plain Red Shorts


To resemble an accurate Mickey Mouse one must wear a plain black shirt tucked into solid red shorts with two medium sized white circles, cut from construction paper or felt, attached to the front of the shorts with tape. To complete the look, one can either wear bright yellow or black shoes, depending on what is available to them, and attach two large black circles, cut from felt or construction paper, to a black headband to represent mouse ears.


Minnie Mouse:

One Black T-Shirt

One Red Skirt

Red Ribbon

Yellow or Black Shoes

White Construction Paper or Felt

Black Construction Paper or Felt



One Black Headband

Minnie Mouse can easily be recreated by cutting several medium sized white circles from felt or construction paper and scattering them around on a solid red skirt using tape to attach them. A black t-shirt tucked into the red and white skirt, along with addition of black or yellow shoes and a simple headband (instructions for headband can be found in the Mickey Mouse assembly) creates the perfect look for this beloved Disney icon.


Monster’s Inc.:

If you plan to go out with a group of friends on Halloween, this simple costume idea is not only creative, but allows each person to be involved in group and play a role as one of the major characters from the well-known movie Monster’s Inc.


One Blue T-Shirt

Black Leggings or Dark Jeans

White or Black Shoes


Purple Felt or Purple Construction Paper


Blue and Purple Tulle Tutu (optional)

To create a precise Sully costume, begin by cutting out different sized circles from the purple felt or construction paper with scissors and glue them randomly onto the blue t-shirt. Construction paper works well, but felt is preferred because its apperance resembles fur better and gives the costume a more complete look. Although not necessary, colorful tutu’s can be made with purple and blue tulle by cutting lengths of tulle and tying the tulle around a ribbon using slipknots, alternating between colors, to add a more feminine touch. Once all of the elements are made, simply wear the shirt over the leggings, placing the tutu over the shirt of necessary, and wearing black or white shoes.



One Green T-Shirt

White, Black, and Blue Construction Paper or Felt

Black Leggings or Dark Jeans

Green Tulle Tutu (optional)



Black or White Shoes

Mike is an iconic character from the movie and is fairly simple to replicate for a Halloween costume. First, cut out one large white circle, one medium sized blue circle, and one small black circle and one even smaller white circle from the construction paper or felt. These circles will create Mike’s eye and will be attached with glue on top of one another with the largest circle on the bottom followed by the medium sized circle centered on top, then followed by the small black circle and finally ending with the tiny white circle placed towards the edge of the black circle. The eye will then be attached to the middle of the green t-shirt with glue. Direction for making the optional tut can be found above. Finally, gather all of the parts of you costume and prepare to transform into a hilarious green monster.



One Long Pink T-Shirt or Pink Dress

Purple Leggings

Hair Ties

Boo is a very simple role to play, for all one has to do is wear purple leggings under a long pink t-shirt or dress with black or white shoes and white socks. The hair ties are used to pull your hair into two high pony tails on either side of your head, which creates the effect that you playing the role of a young character.



When one thinks of autumn, images of scarecrows on farms often come to mind. Dressing up as a scarecrow is a simple way to represent a popular fall theme with only a few strategic make-up and clothing choices.


One Plaid Shirt

One Pair of Jeans or Overalls

One Straw Hat

One Pair of Boots

Black Face Paint

Light Orange Blush

Most of the transformation to become a scarecrow occurs during the application of the make-up. Dress yourself in a plaid shirt with either jeans or overalls and a straw hat and boots. Once dressed, take your black make-up pens and draw two straight lines from the corners of your mouth to the middle of your check. Once the lines are drawn add vertical tick marks to represent stitches of the scarecrow’s mouth over the lines. Then, draw a triangle on  the top your nose with the black pen, being sure to keep the edges of the triangle rounded as well as extending the triangle from the middle of the bridge of your nose to the tip of your nose. Draw tick marks around the triangle to represent more stitches. Finally, add a generous amount of blush above your scarecrow mouth lines on your cheeks to finish the transformation.