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Windows into the Haunted House


Haunted houses are a fun and exciting way to spend the spooky month of October. They combine the holiday spirit of Halloween and the excitement of the unknown that many high school students love.

“Being at Scream World was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. My adrenaline was rushing like it never had before and I felt exhilarated. Though it was scary, it was a great opportunity to face some of my fears,” junior Grace Guerra said.

Haunted houses are so exciting because they incorporate commonplace fears into a safe but adrenaline-inducing environment. They use ‘jump scares’ and gloomy backgrounds to keep the adrenaline pumping and the fear coursing through its patrons.

“Scream World is so elaborate. The second you walk through the gates, there are creatures running at you. When you get into the actual house your heart is racing from beginning to end. There is not a moment you don’t feel vulnerable or trapped. The atmosphere they create with the lighting, actors and cramped halls makes you forget that you’re actually safe,” junior Jeanne Dore said.

Each haunted house is distinct and an adventure in its own self. Different haunted houses have specific scares and spoofs that they use on their patrons, like Scream World’s prowling clowns and high-tech animatronics, Fearshire Farm’s real farm and cornfields or Phobia’s terrifying packing plant.

“I love it. It’s thrilling and hilarious if you’re with the right people. Watching other people freaking out is one of the best parts,” Dore said.

Some popular haunted houses local to Houston:

  • Scream World

2225 North Sam Houston Pkwy W, Houston

  • Phobia,

5250 S Sam Houston Parkway E Beltway-8

  • Fearshire Farms,

1100 S Walker St.

  • Nightmare on the Bayou,

1515 Studemont St.

  • The Haunted Trails,

11500 Antoine Dr .

  • Kingwood Asylum

1963 Northpark Dr.

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