Welcome Back: National Football League




Waiting for the NFL season to start is one of the most excruciating things for any sports fan to put up with.  In between the end of one season and the start of another, football fans are forced to make do by watching basketball or baseball. How does the NFL ease fans’ pain? They don’t. The NFL is constantly mocking fans by putting their franchised players in commercials for Hillshire Ham and HEB rotisserie chickens. Just as it seems like the craze for football season is dissipating, the media decides to cover the NFL draft, teams’ training camps, the preseason games and eventually, headlines for the first regular season games start to appear. How do football fans know when the NFL season is back? Tony Romo suddenly disappears from Papa John’s Pizza TV commercials; Jerry Jones needs him on the field to play quarterback. Duh.


Over the next 17 weeks, 32 NFL teams will play 256 games. Every game will help determine which 12 lucky teams get to advance to the playoffs and take their best shot at winning Super Bowl LI. In an effort to usher in this new season and honor the fact that we’ll be glued to our TVs from now until February here are some bold predictions for the 2016 NFL season:


Division Winners


AFC East – New England Patriots

NFC East – Dallas Cowboys

AFC North – Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC North – Green Bay Packers

AFC South – Indianapolis Colts

NFC South – Carolina Panthers

AFC West – Kansas City Chiefs

NFC West – Arizona Cardinals




AFC – Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals

NFC – Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks


Wildcard Games



Houston Texans v. Kansas City Chiefs

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs


Cincinnati Bengals v. Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Indianapolis Colts



Washington Redskins v. Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Arizona Cardinals


Seattle Seahawks v. Dallas Cowboys

Winner: Seattle Seahawks


AFC Divisional Playoff Games  


Kansas City Chiefs v. New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots


Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers


NFC Divisional Playoff Games


Dallas Cowboys v. Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay Packers


Carolina Panthers v. Arizona Cardinals

Winner: Carolina Panthers


AFC Conference Championship


New England Patriots v. Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers


NFC Conference Championship

Green Bay Packers v. Carolina Panthers

Winner: Carolina Panthers


Super Bowl LI

Pittsburgh Steelers v. Carolina Panthers

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers