Hans Lammeman


Prasiddh Chakraborty, Co-Managing Editor

When people are still asleep, junior Hans Lammeman straps on his running shoes and goes out for a run just as the sun rises. His legs stride effortlessly as he is accustomed to running for miles upon miles from years of involvement in long distance running. But most of all, it is something he enjoys and loves doing in his free time.

“I did not enjoy running before I joined cross country in the beginning of sophomore year,”Lammeman said. “Running was just something I have started to like although I’m not really sure why I like it. I guess it is just fun for me.”

After being born in Granite, Ill., Lammeman has moved around quite often as he moved to Neenah, Wis., which is where his grandparents live and also is where his mom and dad were born. Lammeman then moved to the state of Tennessee for one year before living in Troy, Ohio for another year. At the age of 5, Lammeman moved to Beaumont, Texas, and three years later moved for the first time to Katy, Texas. He attended Williams Elementary School in Katy ISD for three years before moving to Lumberton, Texas, which is not too far away from his old home in Beaumont. Lammeman then moves back to Katy in eighth grade and has lived here ever since with his family, which includes many pets.

“We have five dogs which make me do a lot of dog walking, three cats and a hedgehog named Forest.” Lammeman said.

In school, Lammeman is involved in various clubs. In the athletics department, Lemmeman is on the Tompkins cross country team and does pole vault for Tompkins track and field. He is also the treasurer for the Tompkins chess club and the vice president for the German club. Outside of school, Lammeman also volunteers at The Solana, which is a retirement nursing home in Cinco Ranch.

“Over the day I make sure I have time for school work alongside these club activities,” Lammeman said. “I don’t really think about how I will fit everything in but I probably should.”

Lammeman’s involvement in cross country and track and field has inspired him to continue training in his free time. He has completed one full marathon, six half marathons, one 50K (31.2 miles) one 50 mile marathon and one one 32 mile marathon.

“I plan on running the 38 mile mountain run in Wisconsin for which I plan on leaving the last day of school,” Lammeman said. “I also want to do a 100 mile run before I leave high school.”