Krista Luna

Co-Managing Editor, Briana Edwards

Children often wonder what they will be when they grow up and with a big imagination the possibilities are endless. New teacher Krista Luna can remember playing ‘School’ and acting as the teacher with her in chalkboard in her garage as a child.


Luna was encouraged to earn a business degree, but after her completion of college at Texas Tech University, the Katy native came back home to work as a substitute.


“I loved being around the kids and feeling like I was making a difference so I went back to school and got my Masters degree in Secondary Math Education at the University of Houston,” Luna said.


In her 14 years of educating, Luna has taught several topics in math on both academic and pre-ap levels.


“My favorite thing about teaching math is when kids feel confused and then all of the sudden you see that light come on and they say, ‘Oh wait. I get it now,’ and then they smile,” Luna said.

At the end of the school day, Luna’s work still is not done. Once she arrives home Luna has reading logs to sign and helps her three children with their homework before taking them to their practices.


“Our oldest, 8th grade – Corbin, is in band, football, and track at school. The middle little, Grayson – 4th grade, is in football, basketball, baseball and swim team. The youngest, Emmalee – 2nd grade, is in soccer, basketball, softball and swim team,” Luna said. “Man, do we stay busy.”


While her kids are at practice Luna walks her dogs Bella and Penny or tries to get grading done, but with not much time to work in the evening on weekdays, Luna sometimes has to set grading aside until Sunday and has Saturday as her ‘me day.’


In her free time, Luna enjoys reading and watching Netflix. Luna especially enjoys spending time with her side of the family and in-laws whom all reside in Katy.


“I am nothing but a girl that grew up in Katy, who struggled in school but made it through graduate school with flying colors so I could inspire kids by showing them if they work hard they can achieve their goals too,” Luna said.