Traci Wagner


Traci Wagner

Daniela Flores, Staff Writer

The school day feels new and full of promise, thinks counselor Traci Wagner. She is relieved to  be done working with time consuming paperwork from the beginning of the school year. She has started  working on the letters of recommendation and transcripts for seniors. From having meetings with students and parents, to just writing letters, as a counselor one never knows what going is to happen, so Wagner has to be prepared for anything.  


“This is my first year as a counselor.  I have my BA in Psychology with a minor in English from Texas A&M and my M.Ed in School Counseling from Lamar,” said Wagner.


While this is Wagner’s first year working as counselor she is no stranger to Katy ISD.  Before becoming a counselor at Tompkins she was an English teacher a Mayde Creek High  for four years. After her four years at Mayde Creek High school she went back to college and completed her degrees to be the best counselor that she could be.


“My favorite part about my job is working with students.  There is quite a bit of paperwork that goes with being a counselor, but  my favorite part of my job is talking with students and helping them figure things out,” said Wagner.  


The beginning of the school year can be chaos for students and administration both. While students try to get adjusted to new schedules, and in a lot of cases trying to get schedule changes, Wagner and the the other counselors are the people that make that possible. Wagner loves to help, and helping the students is what she loves the most about her job.


“Everyone has been so welcoming at Tompkins.  I love the positive atmosphere, the students, and the people I work with.  They say when you love what you do, you never work another day in your life.  I’d have to agree,” said Wagner.