Seven is greater than Five Tompkins is greater than Seven

Senior safety Hayden Smith tackling seven lakes player.

KIm Lauritano

Senior safety Hayden Smith tackling seven lakes player.

Drew Van Chau, Staff Writer

On Saturday the 26th of September, the rain had recently stopped and was still clinging to the sparkling bleachers. No one was paying any attention to the rain though, they were all standing, the students gathering around the front. Seven Lakes was setting up for a punt, the night hanging around the players almost as a backdrop.

Previous to the game, the Falcons had won their first game since the beginning of the school against Terry High school.

“We wanted to surprise everyone, we wanted to make a good game,” said senior Tim Thomson a rear and corner safety.

During the first quarter the varsity football team took the lead with an early 60-yard touchdown by sophomore Sebastian Terrell. Then, in the second quarter Seven Lakes drew in a lead by scoring twice.

“The blocked punt was probably the key to winning the game. As soon as it happened, it was the best feeling in the whole game.” said Thomson. In the fourth quarter touchdown Seven Lakes attempted a punt and junior Brandon Pinkerton blocked it due to an uncoordinated snap. After which senior Jake Kearton picked it and scored the touchdown.

Rallying together,the Falcons scored a last touchdown by junior Payton Powell with a long pass. At the end of the game, half of the Tompkins crowd ran down the stands into the field. The final score settling at 21-20 in Tompkins favor.

“I felt awesome it was a unique experience. Relieved too, because the score was so close,” said senior Lucas De Almeida.