Fantasy Game Quiz

Hayley Goodman, Staff Writer

1). What form of transportation would you use?
a. Luxury car
b. I prefer to walk
c. Anything but a car
d. Something magical

2). What color do you like the most?
a. Blue
b. White
c. Orange
d. Red

3) Who would you play against?

A. Best friend
B. Someone you don’t know
C. Greatest competitor
D. Enemy

4) Where would you play?
A. Space
B. Outdoors
C. The streets
D. On a field

5) What would you need to bring to the game?
A. Latest Technology
B. Hunting tools
C. Cool clothes
D. Luck

6) Who would cheer you on?
A. Friends
B. Family
C. No one
D. The whole school

7) How do you plan on winning?
A. Being the best
B. By being clever
C. Cheating
D. All about the luck

8) What are you playing for?
A. To be the ultimate player
B. To benefit others
C. Probably just to win
D. .. I don’t really know

9) How do you celebrate your win?
A. Another ultimate game
B. Just chill
C. I don’t know
D. Party

10) How long have you practiced for the game?
A. Most of my life
B. A couple of days
C. What’s practice?
D. Are you kidding it’s in my blood

Mostly A’s- You got Pod Racing. You love everything futuristic and cannot wait to have your own spaceship. You play for fun and do not stress about the loses.

Mostly B’s- Hunger Games. Your fate is up to you and how you handle the dome. You are clever, quick but compassionate and will not stop until you are done.

Mostly C’s- Light cycle races are the fastest and coolest thing in your eyes. Being in a race shows you are cunning and creative. The win is yours as long as you keep on track.

Mostly D’s- quidditch is your game. With it being the most magical game it shows you are smart and resourceful. Not afraid to try anything and lead your team to a victory.