Falcons’ Funky Foods


Prasiddh Chakraborty, Co-Managing Editor

Have you ever thought of unusual food combinations in your head and wondered how good or bad they may taste? For example, how would pizza dipped in milk taste? What if you replaced the milk in cereal with Diet Coke? Some people around us truly love combinations that we can never fathom in our heads. Check out some of the funky combinations our fellow Falcons have on a regular basis.

“After drinking green tea and eating celery, I follow it up with a big glass of milk before going to bed.” Drew Van Chau, Sophomore

“I eat mac and cheese with hot sauce and rice.” David Baito, Junior

“My cousin likes to eat seaweed and nutella.” Kushal Bera, Junior

“I like to eat a sandwich with cream cheese and popcorn inside. I also like popcorn with ketchup on top.” Giulia Campos, Junior

“I dip my fries in soda, preferably coke.” Yazmine Luna, Junior

“I eat oreos dipped in soda instead of milk, usually Dr. Pepper.” Sayed Rizvi, Junior

“I eat hot dogs topped with popcorn, peanut butter and sometimes M&M’s.” Trevor Shillings, Junior

“I eat potato chips with chocolate pudding.” Victoria Chew, Senior

“At Chick-fil-A I mix ketchup, Tabasco sauce, and mayonnaise together and dip my chicken tenders or fries in it.” Briana Edwards, Senior

“I take Hot Cheetos, roll them in turkey and then dip it in mustard.” Kendall Rollins, Senior