Kristine Copeland


Kristine Copeland

Giulia Campos, Staff Writer

A 5 year old version of Kristine Copeland neatly sets up her dolls, positioning them with their own school supplies and preparing them to listen for the lesson of the day. Copeland’s aspiration to become a teacher followed her throughout her childhood, and soon turned into reality as she became the 10th grade principal at Obra D. Tompkins High School. Copeland has a unique experience working will her students, especially when assisting them and being positively involved in their academic careers. Her creative, empathetic and driven self took a major role throughout Copeland’s career, aiding her in accomplishing her goal in bonding with her students.

“I like to see where people are coming from. I want to get to know my students, build a relationship with them so I can help them out. I’m a tough love kind of person, and when I build that relationship I tend in being very direct,” said Copeland. “It takes times to build that trust and connection, but when I do, I analyze the circumstances of each student, stating a, b and c, and leading them to the right path.”

From Seven Lakes to Tompkins High School, Copeland planned great goals for her professional future and her first year working for the school. With only good intentions in mind, most of her students forget is that she is only there to help and to further broaden their paths. Like other teachers and school staff, she also has a life outside school and is consumed by her obsession with traveling and with her son avidly participating in baseball.

“I have a 7 year old boy who loves baseball,” said Copeland. “My husband and I spend a lot of time at the baseball field with him. Even though he dreams of being a dentist, which I’m completely fine with, he never lets go of his baseball equipment. He keeps playing with his bat and plays ball every time while watching tv.”

Despite not having a bucket list, Copeland sure loves to travel and discover new places. She likes to live by the moment and takes life as it goes. Her eagerness to experience new places and people reflects in her open-minded attitude towards school related concerns.

“I love to travel, and Rome would be on my top list,” said Copeland. “Someday I want to go to England during the fall to see all the colors change. But during the summer, the best place is probably someplace tropical, like Malibu, where I can relax and enjoy nature.”