The “Rumors” Are In

Gracie Long, Editor in Chief

Senior Michael Lins holding the script for “Rumors”.

Waiting for the list to come out that says who got what part is stressful. This year there was not a set time for the Rumors cast list to be posted. Theatre kids and auditioners hopefully checked online throughout the day and tried to patiently wait. Luckily for senior Michael Lins when he checked late that Friday afternoon he found his name written next to the part for Officer Welch.

“I am extremely excited for my role, because I am a firm believer in the fact that there are no such things as small roles, only small actors,” Lins said. “I’ve also always wanted to play a character who could be called a nasty man, and I know that I can have a lot of fun with this one.”

Lins is getting inspiration from the works of Brian Altano for his role as Officer Welch, specifically for Altano’s work on the podcast The Comedy Button. Lins aspires to have the cop accent which Welch uses in the podcast.

“My biggest challenge during this play will be the fact that I won’t have as much time to listen to the Wu-Tang Clan due to having to be at rehearsals,” Lins said.

According to Lins’s, this play will be much better on a technical level compared to their previous shows thanks to the new technical director of The Tompkins Theatre Company: Tal Gribbins. A challenge the crew will face is making two sets. However, the hand picked crew will create something spectacular.

“The process for me to get into a certain character involves spending a lot of time going over the script and annotating my lines,” Lins said. “This allows me to learn how my character will speak. Luckily once I get a character’s voice down, the movements and emotions naturally come along with it.”