Procedures Implemented As A Result From 9/11

Briana Edwards, Co-Managing Editor

Everyone’s lives are still affected by Sept. 11, 2001, a day that can never be forgotten. 14 years ago, the United States of America went under attack as an effect the country’s sense of security was destroyed. In response, this put the U.S. at war on terror, which ultimately strengthened security of the country. As people go about their daily lives, they are protected by procedures established or improved after the events of 9/11. These are some examples of what has changed:



Prior to the attacks family and friends were permitted to wait at gates and could be there for the traveler the very second they stepped off the aircraft. Today no one is allowed past security without a boarding pass, therefore all family members and friends must wait at the terminal to greet their traveler once they’ve landed. Following 9/11, TSA has implemented several other policies which include a limitation of liquids in carry-on bags, luggage and passenger screening, taking off shoes at security, etc.

Movie Theaters:

Cinema goers could simply purchase their tickets, get their stubs ripped by an usher and then head directly to their theater room, that is until 9/11. After the attacks security became stricter and all bags were checked before entry. Although this procedure didn’t last there was still an effort shown after the attacks to protect innocent people whom were going about their daily lives.

Sport Stadiums:

Attending a sports game now is not as carefree compared to before the 9/11 attacks. To protect all fans the U.S. Department of Homeland Security trained stadium staff how to prevent terrorist attacks by being more aware of suspicious activity at sporting events. These implemented procedures obligate sports fans to walk through a metal detector and have their bags checked before entry. Sports fans are also encouraged to remain seated during the singing of “God Bless America”.


The public’s awareness for greater school security was stricken. There have been gradual improvements in emergency preparedness as students began participating in lockdown drills, all doors were to remain locked and all visitors had to check-in with the front office.


Preceding the attacks the level of awareness was not as heightened as it is today. America’s businesses are very well protected by security cameras, access control centers and gates. Employees also carry photo I.D. cards which they scan to gain entry into designated areas of their building.


The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were a turning point for the United States of America. This country made major improvements/advancements in security, helping people to go about their daily lives without worry.