Ryan Culver

Gracie Long, Editor in Chief

When most people look at photo they don’t see all the messy photos the photographer had to sort through to reach that one special photo. Photography takes a special eye and mind that only certain people have. English and photography teacher Ryan Culver is one of the special minds. Culver with his vast knowledge teaching Photography, Journalism and English knows he is ready to take on Tompkins students.

“I am excited to focus on less things and put more into the assignments. I had a lot on my plate at my old school,” Culver said.

Culver brings nine years of teaching various subjects to Tompkins. Along with teaching English and Journalism, Culver also has experience working for the Baytown Sun newspaper. Coming to Tompkins gave Culver the option to focus on teaching something he is passionate about to students who are interested and want to get stronger.

“The kids I have met so far are awesome. I’m excited to be at a new school that has a lot of school spirit,” Culver said.

After teaching at the Houston magnet school, Westside High School, Culver is ready for a fresh start at Tompkins. Often at magnet schools like Westside they do not have much school spirit due to the inability for students to easily participate in school activities. Westside High School did not have the warm and welcoming environment which Culver was seeking.

“I have never taught at a school where the community is very involved like at Tompkins,” Culver said.