Max Rastegari: The Sauce King


Senior Max Rastegari working with the sound engineer for his song ‘Saucy’ at Barron Studios.

Briana Edwards, Co-Managing Editor

Senior Max Rastegari seems to have had a ‘saucy’ summer. When Rastegari was in his bedroom streaming music online, he became inspired and began to write a song of his own. Rastegari officially released his first song on Soundcloud.

“I was just listening to music and I got inspired,” Rastegari said.

The song which is entitled Saucy can be classified under the Rap genre. After writing the song, Rastegari got in contact with producer Superstaar Beats when he came across one of his beats online.

“I just found that beat and I really liked it so I hit him up and said ‘Yo, how much is it?’ then ended up leasing it, to buy the beat it would’ve cost anywhere from $300 to $600,” Rastegari said.

The writing process took Rastegari about two weeks then an additional 30-60 minutes to create the flow before to going into the studio to begin the recording process. The recording took place at Barron Studios inside the loop.

“All we were doing was making music and it felt like nothing else mattered,” Rastegari said.

Rastegari finds the creation of music very therapeutic and always keeps in mind the chances of this becoming a career for him as his motivation. While Rastegari is really enjoying this hobby, he is still keeping focus on his education.

“It’s a side project that I like to do, but if something falls into place then I’ll take it from there,” Rastegari said.

Saucy already has nearly 4,000 listens on Soundcloud. Rastegari created his account only one month ago under the username Rahmeen.

“I wanted a name that was true to myself so I took my middle name, but a lot of people mistake it as ‘Ramon’ so I spelt it with an H that way it will be pronounced correctly,” Rastegari said.

The term saucy is commonly used to define someone’s persona. Similar to the term swag, sauce is a characteristic a person possesses.

“Sauce is just the way you carry yourself, it’s the way you live, it’s a lifestyle. I like to carry myself as the Sauce King,” Rastegari said.

Producer Superstaar Beats was impressed with Rastegari’s work and offered him another beat to work with. Rastegari plans to release a follow up track to Saucy by early October.