Sandi Davis


Photographer Gracie Long

Sandi Davis preparing lessons for the first day with her daughter.

Gracie Long, Editor in Chief

Algebra 2 and advanced placement statistics teacher Sandi Davis approaches her new classroom door on the first day. She slides the gold key in the the lock and enters the newly decorated room. Sitting in her chair Davis looks at the rows of wooden desks and feels a wave of confidence that she is prepared to teach new students at a new school.

“The environment is different, the kids seem to want to learn more and the staff is nicer,” Davis said. “ The school is just different and being a new teacher is a little challenging.”

This summer Davis got married to James Davis. A simple trip to the courthouse was enough for the couple. After teaching at Cy Ridge High School for seven years, Davis moved to Katy for her husband’s new job.

“I have been there done that, the whole big dress and everything,” Davis said. “We just didn’t want a big ceremony.”

Aside from being a mother and teacher Davis and her husband raise bucking bulls. They raise the babies then other companies or people buy the mature ones. The bulls live on land elsewhere in Texas while the Davis family lives in Katy.

“It was hard to move but there are better schools out here and my daughters are really liking it here,” Davis said.