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Theater Holds Annual Nightflight

Nightflight promotional poster
‘Nightflight’ promotional poster

The crowd cheers as the theater’s latest production wraps up. The curtains close and the crowd raises in volume when the stars make their way to the stage, bowing and blushing at the applause. This is an experience that theater kids are used to, and on Sept. 22, they will have their moment to showcase their skills during the Nightflight Show, an experience that the kids, such as senior Kyndahl Wiseman, will hope leave incoming freshmen starry-eyed.  

“For people who have never done theater before, I think this is a huge opportunity to get a taste of what a student directed show is like,” said Wiseman. “Since this is a student directed show, it is a great taste of theater in general. I love when freshmen do it because they get to see all the effort that goes into it all, and it is ultimately just really cool.”  

Another senior in theater, Johan Carreon, shares a similar sentiment. As someone who has been in theater for seven years, both in high school and in junior high, he is excited to see new people at the Nightflight Show, a play festival where students create their own play within 24 hours. This festival will teach new students on blocking, which is learning the movements an actor will make on stage, and staging, which is making room on stage for a performance, or other important terms that mainly theater kids will be informed on.  

 “Students will write a script and make a play, including blocking everything, and essentially learn everything in 24 hours,” said Carreon. “Students will leave the school after three hours and go back to the school in the morning, at about 6 a.m., to stay until 12 p.m., and then go back at 6 a.m. Then, that night, they perform their shows.” 

Since theater is an art, people’s enjoyment of it may fluctuate depending on personal preferences. All art is subjective, and while it is understandable for some to not be interested, it is safe to say that most theater kids would prefer most people to be enthusiastic about their craft. Some people may love plays, while others prefer going to football games and cheering on their favorite players. The theater kids have worked hard in all of the shows they have done, and seeing people appreciate all the work they have done by showing up to their shows is a huge accomplishment.  

“I think this is a good show for someone who does not like to sit and wait for plays for so long,” said Wiseman. “There is a lot of effort that goes unrecognized, and I do think we will have a good turn out, but I do hope that it will be a full house instead of a half house.” 

The Nightflight show is a great way for new students to get exposed to theater life and all its intricacies. A lot of work is put into these theater productions, and it could seem overwhelming, but the amount of dedication and creativity that the students have makes these shows perfect.  

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