Gelotti’s Jewelry: Junior Creates Affordable and Trendy Jewelry Business


Provided by Madelyn Rose jewelry site

A picture of “The color wheel necklace” from Madelyn Rose’s site. The necklace is part of the business’ Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

Sydney Jackson, Editor in Chief The Nestline

Looking for a cute and coastal vibe? Junior Siena Gelotti has just the line for you. Created in July of 2021 with her sister, her business, Madelyn-Rose Jewelry, sells cute, trendy jewelry while being affordable.

In the summer of 2017, Gelotti visited a small shop in Seaside, Fla. with her sister to buy jewelry. Seeing the prices of the jewelry in the shop, she thought, “I could make this myself”. Once beginning to make jewelry, she realized that she could make a profit off of the jewelry, and slowly her business came to be. The name “Madelyn-Rose” came from the combination of her sisters and her own middle name.

“I saw how expensive the pearl jewelry was and I thought I could make that,” said Gelotti. “So I started making jewelry and it slowly evolved into the business it is today.”

Now solely owned by Gelotti herself, Madelyn Rose jewelry sells anklets, bracelets, necklaces, bead chokers and earrings, handmade by Gelotti herself. The prices range from $10 to $30. Each piece of jewelry has a unique name of its own, inspired by the businesses coastal vibe. Most of the jewelry can pair with matching products. Currently the spring/summer collection contains bright, colorful necklaces, bead chokers and bracelets, expressing the collection’s theme of “happiness”.

“I make each piece of jewelry by hand, said Gelotti. “I slide each bead on individually and loop the hooks on too.”

Gelotti hopes to grow her small business into one of full scale. Besides continuing selling jewelry and stickers, she hopes to be able to expand her merchandise. Gelotti posts shoutouts, posts of customers with the jewelry, and bible verses each Monday to broaden her audience and reach more people to buy her jewelry.

“I want to make a website for my business and grow it to sell T-shirts and other merchandise. I want my business to have more followers and be a full scale business.”

Currently, the business will be selling jewelry at the Spring Fest event held by the 2024 Student Council on April 15 from 1 to 4 p.m.. To buy jewelry and stickers directly from the store, visit @_madelynrosejewelry_ on Instagram where they have a link to the official website.