Let’s Dance The Night Away


Siena Gelotti

Winsor Store at Katy Mills Mall

Katherine Mozisek, Staff Writer

The pinnacle of teenage existence (at least according to every coming of age movie ever written) is prom. Prom is looked forward to all year long. Dresses are bought and tuxedos are rented just for the occasion. Here is some detail and advice for prom to help you live out your night to the fullest.

Prom will be held on April 29 at The Weston from 8 p.m. to midnight.  Tickets for prom cost $40. The cost is a deal for the location that it is held at.

The theme for prom this year is “A Walk In The Park”. Imagine lights strung across the ceiling, looking like stars, trees and branches along walkways, and the perfect atmosphere to celebrate surviving  four years of high school. The decoration plans include bringing in benches into the hotel and paper trees along the wall.

“When I think of a walk in the park, my mind immediately goes to the scene from Mary Poppins where they are in the park. I really hope that the iconic scene is reflected in the decoration,” said senior Conner Ferguson.

Everyone wants to remember prom forever, but the memories will become hazy with age. Photos, however, last longer than memories ever will. In the Tompkins and Katy area there are several places for gorgeous photoshoots to take place. Willow Fork Park is home to stunning scenery with lakes, tall grasses and piers that make the perfect backdrop for photos. If you would like a more rustic background, the Rice Dryers have a rustic and historic aura. Another amazing place to snap photos is historic old Katy where there are murals and beautiful park squares for photos.

“I usually take photos at LaCenterra, they have really nice green spaces and fountains,” said senior Elizabeth Adems.

Prom desses are often the highlight of any girl’s prom experience. Styles shift every year leading each prom to be completely unique. If your dress has not been bought yet, do not worry there are multiple stores with excellent dresses. If a vintage style is wanted, buy your dress at a thrift shop. If you want a more modern look, the dresses at Dillards or Macy’s are usually at a decent price and alway have something on sale. Excellent places to buy your dress online include Bloomingdales, Lulus, Free People and Amazon. The only downside is that your dress could arrive late or in the wrong size, so be sure to buy the dress early in case of complications.

“I actually ordered my dress online hoping that it turns out okay and arrives on time,” said senior Ilyse Lehmen.