Hot Cocoa and Cinema: Seniors Enjoy Polar Express Movie Night

Ella Ray, Editor in Chief The Nest

With final exams and college application deadlines approaching fast, senior students begin to sweat as their anxiety levels are through the roof. Fortunately, the administration and student council had seen the students’ intense state of stress, taking it upon themselves to organize a senior movie night. In order to obtain a ticket, seniors were required to request a ticket from the link on their canvas class homepage. The screening took place on Dec. 5 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the main commons. However, the time when students could enter was flexible throughout the window. To create a homey feel, the dress code for the event consisted of comfy pajamas and ugly Christmas sweaters. Adding to the relaxed atmosphere, seniors were greeted by complimentary food and drinks: hot chocolate, cookies and popcorn.

“Around the last grading period, things really do speed up and it can get pretty stressful,” said senior Samshritha Pochanapeddi. “I’m glad we have events like these where we can destress a little.”

Upon entering the main commons, seniors were immediately surrounded by gusts of classical, warming Christmas music. As they listened to the heavenly hymns, the students had their tickets stamped as the passengers’ tickets were in the film along with AP Jay Matthew dressing up as a train conductor. These extra small details made the experience extra special for the seniors.

“It was really amazing to see the decorations,” said senior Nikita Jayaraj. “It was like the movie was brought to life.”

Aside from watching the movie, the seniors also participated in ugly sweater contests along with gift exchanges. This event was extremely helpful in allowing seniors to spend quality time with others as it can be difficult with their jam-packed schedules induced by the semester ending.

“I really needed this movie night,” said Jayaraj. “The event was well-organized and I finally got to spend time with friends outside of school hours.”