Dance the Night Away: Student Council Plans Ten-Year Anniversary Winter Dance


Ella Ray, Editor in Chief The Nest

As Tompkins celebrates its tenth year anniversary of establishment, the Student Council had generated the idea of a winter dance to the school administration which included the principal, APs, and other staff members. Senior Soha Jashwant states that the Council has been working hard to grind out the details since they had gotten their approval.

“Having a third dance that essentially was meant to celebrate the school and Tompkins community felt like the perfect thing to do,” said Jashwant.

Jashwant reveals that the hardest step was coming up with a convincing pitch as she had spent many Student Council class periods just practicing it with the team again and again. For Student Council officers, Jashwant explains that she and the team have to dedicate a full class period to planning and executing their activities and events every single day. Since many of the officers have done this every year for three full years of their high school career, they have grown close enough to just walk in and get straight to work.

“A dance takes a lot of hard work and time to make happen, so we had to make sure our proposal was perfect,” said Jashwant.

Usually, the Council starts with an agenda of everything they wish to accomplish in a day, the schedule often adjusting depending on their needs on a day-to-day basis. Jashwant expresses that all discourse is constructive and the team loves to make these huge events happen for the Falcon community. Jashwant additionally wishes that more students were aware of how much effort, time and dedication the officers put into even the smallest things. Throughout their detailed conferences, the Council decided that the dance was going to be called the 10 Year Gala, and it will be held on Jan. 28 from 7 p.m.- 10 p.m. in the main commons. Additionally, the ticket capacity is set to a maximum of 600, and the official sale starts Dec. 7. To showcase Falcon pride, the decorations will feature the campus’s color in deep navies and crimsons as well as an elegant splash of occasional gold and silver. Going hand-in-hand with the decor, the theme of the night is school spirit to represent the successes and accomplishments of the campus.

“The night is meant to be classy and fun, and I hope that students are able to make some great memories there,” said Jashwant.

Jashwant hopes that the students and staff are able to see just how far Tompkins has come from its inception and the development of the student community. Remembering its roots, the campus is able to celebrate all of its accomplishments and obstacles that it has overcome within the past decade through events like the dance, all of the students and staff coming together and spending quality time as a community.

“We Falcons should be proud of what we’ve accomplished and the school that gave us the opportunities to do so,” said Jashwant.