New Year, New Plans with StuCo

Baneen Rizvi, Staff Writer

With a new school year in session, many clubs and organizations get ready to prepare for meetings and socials, including OTHS Student Council, commonly known as StuCo. The organization is already geared up for Homecoming on Sept. 24, and are excited to plan and organize the flurry of events and activities they have in store for the 2022-2023 school year.

“I am so excited about this year’s Student Council because we have an amazingly talented team of officers with the incredible advisor and sponsor Mrs. Stuckey to help us achieve all of our big plans for Tompkins this year–which we have a lot of, especially since it’s our 10th year anniversary,” said senior and student council president Soha Jashwant.

Jashwant has been a member of StuCo since 9th grade, and now, she and fellow president, senior, Andy Diaz work together to lead StuCo’s team to plan events for the student body. Jashwant is thrilled to organize events for seniors this year.

“Although we like to give the whole school an equal amount of things to celebrate, we always make sure to have something special planned for our lovely seniors, especially given everything they have contributed to the school community for the past four years.  As I am a senior myself along with a few other officers, we know exactly what seniors want and are gearing our plans for the senior class accordingly,” Jashwant said.”We have already successfully hosted Senior Sunrise and will be hosting Senior Sunset for an evening of fun to wrap up the year. In the middle months, plans include those that celebrate the seniors’ futures, whether it be college, career, or military, as well as goodies and senior-dedicated dress up days to show the seniors how special they are and how much we love them for it.”

But before any other senior related events this year, StuCo is gearing up for its most anticipated event of the year, Homecoming. Homecoming is considered one of StuCo’s most famous events, with students planning months ahead for outfits and plans for the evening.  As Homecoming approaches on Sept. 24, Jashwant shares some ideas StuCo have prepared for the event.

“One of the biggest events for Student Council, our pièce de résistance even, is Homecoming. We spent months planning for it, and it is also one of the most exciting events in the year for me,” Jashwant said.” Our vision for this year was to make it as magical and fun as possible, so it was a really fitting theme to bring Alice in Wonderland to Tompkins High School. We are experimenting with decorations this year and trying all kinds of fantastical things involving lights, props, and more to jazz the venue up and make it really feel like Wonderland. “

And as StuCo gets ready to bring students to a magical wonderland with Homecoming, Tompkins celebrates another event this year, Tompkins 10 year anniversary.

“Since this is the 10th year anniversary of Tompkins High School, we are planning a wide range of events. While the events we have planned to invigorate school pride are thoroughly exciting, I am most looking forward to our plans dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our student body,” Jashwant said.

Jashwant is excited to unveil the many more exciting plans StuCo has ready for students. Being an organization that has a lot to give back to the Tompkins’ community, students are looking forward to StuCo’s plans.