Fun Places to Shop for Christmas in Houston


Raegan Ervin, Co-Editor in Chief

As the malls start filling up with people in search of gifts during the holiday season, it can be hard to know which stores to look at for friends and family. Online shopping has become a popular alternative, however the in- person Christmas shopping activity is one that people still look forward to each year. Here are a variety of places that people should consider when holiday shopping this year:


Manready Mercantile: This store located in Houston Heights has just about everything for men. The store is themed with wood and leather, and sells vintage accessories, clothing, shoes, decor and more. There are lots of hidden gems in this store that would make a perfect gift for fathers, brothers, uncles, etc. This store is located at 321 W 19th St, Ste. B.


Renovate: This cute little home shop sells items like home decor, bath products, charcuterie boards, candles and lots more. The store has bright green doors so it is hard to miss, and it has a very warm and inviting atmosphere. If someone is looking for a nice gift to give to their sister, wife, mother, etc, this store is definitely worth being checked out. It is located at 7413 Westview Dr Suite C in Houston.


Kuhl Linscomb: This design and lifestyle store is more than 80,000 sq feet, and sells a collection of items like books, apothecary products, stationary and an array of home furnishings in another part of the building. This store has been widely popular over the years for a one trip shopping experience, because it has so many things to offer. It is located at 2424 W. Alabama St. in Houston.


Space Montrose: This cute little store is decorated with tons of cool gadgets like hanging plants, art portraits, jewelry and other home accessories. It can be found on 1706 Westheimer Rd., and is a good place to stop to find something to give to friends or family.


All of these stores are great places to shop this holiday season, especially since malls and shopping areas will be overly crowded and busy at this time of year. Some of these locations are local businesses and have a lot of items that people don’t really know about. So if someone is struggling with finding a gift for a loved one, these places may be worth checking out.