Wrestling Season Starts Late

COVID has forced schools, including Tompkins, to postpone their sporting events due to the pandemic, and wrestling was one of them. The team has high hopes for the season, however, citing the potential improvements due to the extended period of time. 


“This year we have constantly just been accepting of the idea that change and instability was going to be our normal,” said Derek Ankney, the wrestling coach.


The team has adapted well to the delay, using the extra time effectively and keeping a positive attitude about the unfortunate situation they are stuck in until more restrictions are lifted.


“It is difficult to continue pushing back training cycles, but the kids have handled the adversity extremely well. We are all just really happy to get a season because that was not guaranteed even two months ago,” said Ankney .


The wrestlers believe the extra time to train and meet and maintain their body weight goal would give them the advantage in the long run. The more time they have, the better they become. 


“Since the beginning of the school year we have just continued to train and maintain until we finally got the ok to have our season by the UIL,” said Ankney.


Although the wrestlers are trying to maintain a positive attitude about the situation, Coach Ankney feels the waiting and delaying of the wrestling season may do more harm than good.


“I think the constant waiting and pushing back of the season could be detrimental to the athletes, but I feel that our Tompkins wrestlers have weathered the storm very well and look to be in a good spot as we begin our shortened season,” said Ankney. 


Regardless of any worry the teammates and coaches have, they still believe that the extra time will benefit the team and give them a better chance at winning.


“I believe that is to our advantage and hopefully because of that training regimen we will be able to overcome the significantly shorter wrestling season we have this year,” said Ankney.